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Norwich Bus Rally
The Eastern Transport Collection, Norwich Bus Rally, 2006. Here is a gallery of the event held on 3rd September sponsored by Sanders Coaches

Sanders Coaches 3990ME Setra/Kassboher

Sanders Coaches W262CDN 2000 DAF B220/East Lancs 33302
Sanders Coaches YJ55WPA 2005 VDL DB250/East Lancs H51/29F
Sanders Coaches YJ05PZA 2005 DAF SB400/Van Hool
Ex ECOC LKD229 OVF229 1954 Bristol LD5G/ECW H33/25RD
Ex ECOC VR378 OCK988K 1972 Bristol VRTSL2/ECW H39/31F New to Ribble
Ex ECOC RS658 KVF658E 1967 Bristol RSL6G/ECW B46F
Ex ECOC LS789 5789AH 1959 Bristol MW5G/ECW C39F New to Metropolitan Coaches
Ex ECOC LFS303F 1971 Bristol VRTLL/ECW Gardner 6LXB, H47/36F VR303 (laterVR308)
Ex ECOC LKH133 HPW133 1949 Bristol K5G/ECW
Ex ECOC LS829 APW829B 1964 Bristol MW6G/ECW, C39F
Ex ECOC LC556 FRE699A (orig3003AH)- 1958 Bristol SC4LK/ECW
Ex ECOC LM452 3014AH 1959 Bristol MW5G/ECW B45F
Ex ECOC VR385 OCK985K 1972 Bristol VRTSL2/ECW H39/31F New to Ribble
Ex ECOC LFL57 557BNG 1962 Bristol FL6G/ECW H38/32R
Ex ECOC LL407 KAH407 1949 Bristol L6G/ECW B35F
FEC 30101 K485EUX 1993 Leyland Olympian/Alexander H53/31F Ex China Motor Bus
FEC 43801 A02ODM 2002 Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton C39F
FEC 32651 AU05MUO 2005 Volvo B7TL/Alexander H47/27F
FEC 47209 M249VWW 1995 Dennis Dart SDL/Alexander B40F
Ex ECOC VR233 DNG233T 1979 Bristol VRTSL36LXG/ECW H43/31F Now with Judds Travel
Ex ECOC VR404 JAH404L Bristol VRTSL26G/ECW Now Konectbus publicity vehicle
Ex ENOC 1407 VNO859 1953 Bristol KSW5G/ECW L55RD
Ex Maidstone & District 5861 BKE861T 1981 Bristol VRTSL36G/ECW H43/31F
Ex ENOC 1407 MOO177 1962 Bristol MW5G/ECW B45F
Ex LT RF504 MXX481 1952 AEC Regal IV/MCCW B39F
Ex LT RF636 NLE636 1953 AEC Regal IV/MCCW B39F
Ex LT RM2116 CUV116C 1965 AEC Routemaster/Park Royal H64R
Ex LT RML2401 JJD401D 1966 AEC Routemaster/Park Royal H40/32R
Ex LT RML2270 CUV270C 1965 AEC Routemaster/Park Royal H40/32R
Ex New World FirstBus ES997 H74 ANG 1990 Dennis Condor/Duple Metsec
Ipswich Buses 234 YN04LWJ 2004 Optare/Solo M920 B33F
Konectbus 406 MX06YXU 2006 Optare/Tempo X1200
Konectbus 504 YJ05PXE 2005 VDL DB250/Wright H41/24F
Anglia Bus 401 AU06BOV 2006 Volvo B7/Wright B44F
Anglia Bus 402 AU06BPE 2006 Volvo B7/Wright B44F
Mulleys P888MUL 2006 Iveco 391E/Beulas C49Ft
Norfolk County Services AU05FKC 2005 Irisbus Agora/Irisbus B44F
Norfolk County Services YJ55YHO 2005 Optare Solo M780/Oe B23F
Norfolk County Services V667FPO 1991 Dennis Javelin/Caetano C70F
W H Fowler FAH275Y 1982 Volvo B10M/Plaxton Supreme V C57F
Fareline EBM460T 1979 Bedford YMT/Plaxton Supreme C53F
EAP937V 1979 Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant C53F
Lodges MJB481 1956 Bedford SBG/Duple Vega C37C
RLN230W 1981 Bristol LHS/Plaxton Supreme IV
Running Footman E923LCP 1985 ACE Puma IV 5858/Plaxton Paramount C39F
Ex Crimson Tours 675OCV 1962 Bedford SB3/Duple Super Vega C41F
BMS 206 1947 Leyland PS1/Alexander Sunshine DP35F
Felix Taxis DBU889 1947 Bedford OB/Duple C27F
SB5348 1937 Guy Wolf Martin C14F
Peelings H229GVL 1991 Dennis Javelin/Plaxton Paramount III C53F
Peelings JJZ8021 1995 Volvo B10M/Jonckheere Deuville C53F
MAZ7854 1987 Leyland Royal Tiger Doyen C49F
Myalls FJE982D 1966 Bedford VAM5/Duple C45F
Spratts NRY 22W 1980 Bedford YLQ/Duple Dominant II C45F
Smiths JKV412V 1980 Bedford YMT/Plaxton C53F
Cedrics G756UYT Leyland Olympian/Norther Counties H45/30F
JRE695N 1975 Atlinson Borderer Mark II
TYO210 1957 Leyland Comet Artic, British Road Services
TYO210 1957 Leyland Comet Artic, British Road Services WLA655G 1968 Morris Minor 1000 Van Ex GPO B2F