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    675OCV front offside
  • 675 OCV

  • 1962 Bedford SB3

  • Duple Super Vega bodywork

  • Petrol engine 4 speed gearbox

  • 41 seats

  • Full class VI licence

675OCV front offside Originally owned by Crimson Tours Coaches of St Ives, Cornwall, the vehicle passed to Birds Travel, Hunstanton, Norfolk in 1965 before being bought by the present owners, and ETCS member, Len and Maura Wright of Norwich in April 1995. At the time of purchase by Len and Maura the vehicle was still being used on school journeys.

The vehicle is now back in its original colours, with the original patterned upholstery and centre flooring cover. 675OCV front nearsideIn preserving this vehicle it was never intended to make it “concours” or “as new”, but a reasonable standard that might have been adopted by a small operator in the 1960s. Where possible, all the original parts have been used—such as the outside bright work and the interior Formica fittings. The interior roof lining has been replaced but unfortunately it was impossible to obtain the original pattern; instead a material in keeping with the style of the 1960s was fitted.

675OCV front nearsideThe logo "Crimson Tours" on the rear of the vehicle may not be the correct one but it is in a "60s" style. Len and Maura have been unable to find out what the original one was like. No doubt the illuminated panel displayed Luxury Travel. The present details of the make and body help to indicate to following vehicles the reason for the slow progress!

Len and Maura make no apology to the "purist' if it is not "politically correct"! You have to remember that over a period of time vehicles are changed by an operator for individuality; thousands of this type of Bedford Duple coach were made, but being a lightweight vehicle very few have been preserved.

In May 2001 this vehicle was taken back to St Ives in Cornwall, where the vehicle met three drivers from the original company and the daughter of the last owner of Crimson Tours. The round trip from Norfolk to Cornwall was over 800 trouble-free miles thanks to the reliability of the Bedford!

The vehicle can be seen at rallies and other events around East Anglia, mainly during the summer months. If you have any further information about the vehicle please use the contact page of the web site.
Author: Richard Dixon


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